Fall 2024: October 7-December 13, 2024

Welcome to the Ohio Stock Market Challenge!

We encourage you and your students to research stocks that interest you, and attempt to build the best-performing portfolio.

We are delighted you recognize the value of the program as a powerful experiential learning tool. The OSMC is a great way for students to be exposed to the stock market, without the fear of losing real money!

There are a number of lessons, activities, and resources designed to help with the process. Then sit back and watch the market in action!

Teacher's Guide


  • REAL TIME PRICES ON ALL TRADES: *Note: prices displayed on the screen are 15 minute delayed.
  • Students may trade common stocks, preferred stocks, as well as mutual funds. Cash held earns interest, interest is paid on borrowed cash, and stocks earn dividends.
  • Portfolio information has streaming updates.
  • Teachers may call a toll free number for answers to questions.
  • We provide a reliable trade processing system through Stock-Trak.
  • Separate divisions for middle schools, high schools, and by region.

Who Plays

Teachers of grades 4-12 may enroll student teams.

College teams and adults are welcome to participate as well, but only student teams with a teacher advisor can participate and are eligible for awards.

Click Here For The Registration Costs For Your Region.

Are you a teacher new to the Simulation?

Are you a teacher new to the simulation?

Would you like help getting started?

Click Here for our collection of teacher resources.

How To Play

Teachers divide their classes in teams, generally of 1-5 students. Upon registration, teachers receive team numbers and passwords.

Students decide which stocks or mutual funds they wish to trade based on their research or ideas. Students log in to their accounts and trade via the web page. Team rankings can be seen in realtime in the rankings page.

Fall 2024 Trading Dates

Registration is open now! This spring’s trading dates are:

October 7-December 13, 2024.

If you register early, your students can start trading immediately in the "Practice Round" and all accounts will be reset before the competition begins.

New website URL: http://ohiosms.stocktrak.com